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On Wednesday, March 14, we will present our semi-annual update on the state tax developments involving E-commerce and the treatment of digital goods and services including: software, cloud computing, web-based services, web-hosting, and electronic data processing.

The taxation of emerging technologies is an area of tax law that is developing as quickly as new electronic technologies come to market. How the states are taxing sales of these digital goods and services is a critical and confusing issue for companies. Tax experts know that no uniformity exists among the states on whether or not tax applies to electronically provided software, web-hosting space and services, cloud-based access, or digital information services. It is therefore essential that tax professionals and companies that sell, or plan to offer, these digital goods and services not only be up-to-date with the policies in their key target states, but also possess practical insight on how to minimize exposure through effective planning strategies.

Program Highlights

Participants will hear about the latest state developments and trends, including:

  • Affiliate Nexus and “Amazon” Legislation
  • Update: State Tax Treatment of Various Digital Products
  • Software
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web-Based and Web-Hosting Services
  • Information Services & Data Processing
  • Update: Sourcing of Digital Goods and Services Transactions
  • Update: Outlook for 2012 – Taxation of E-Commerce and Digital Goods

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