Minnesota exempts webinars from sales and use tax

Recently, Minnesota revised Tax Fact Sheet 177, announcing that webinars are tax exempt from sales tax starting July 1, 2014. In order to qualify for exemption, webinars must meet the following requirements: (i) in person presentation’s admission is not taxable; (ii) online participants can interact with presenters during presentation; and (iii) interactive limits if any must be the same for online an in person participants.

Washington provides exemption for purchases of financial information

Washington Department of Revenue announced that updated regulations will include a sales tax exemption for purchases of standard financial information by qualifying international investment management companies.

Wisconsin exempts educational webinars from sales tax

Wisconsin released a tax bulletin announcing that sales of live digital online educational services are not taxable. Similarly, live educational seminars are not taxable.

New Jersey amends sales and use tax to include internet nexus

New Jersey is bringing its tax regulations into the 21st century business practices. Recently, New Jersey amended its sales and use tax act to include out of state sellers’ internet activity as nexus. The amendment creates a rebuttable presumption that an out of state seller has sufficient nexus if the seller (i) enters into an agreement with a New Jersey independent contractor for compensation in exchange for customer referrals via the internet to the seller and (ii) incurs sales from these referrals that are New Jersey customers.