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Idaho Has an App for That …Part II

Idaho’s Governor recently signed HB 598. As stated in our previous posting, HB 598 is to provide clarity to HB 243, which exempted cloud computing services from Idaho’s sales tax.  Effective July 1, 2014, HB 598 exempts from Idaho’s sales and use tax computer software that is electronically delivered, remotely accessed, or delivered by a … Continue Reading

Idaho Has An App For That

Last year Idaho’s House of Representatives enacted HB 243, exempting cloud computing services from Idaho’s sales tax. However, the legislation led to more questions and uncertainty. Thus, Idaho’s House of Representatives introduced HB 598 to provide clarity to HB 243. However, based on the governmental entities’ comments and legislation many issues remain unsettled. Under Idaho’s … Continue Reading

Idaho Issues Reminder to Online Shoppers; Eye on Federal Nexus Legislation

In a press release issued by the Idaho State Tax Commission on Wednesday, the Commission reminded residents that “while a lot has been said recently about whether Internet sales should be taxed” (a not-so-subtle reference to the growing affiliate nexus debate as well as a recently introduced SSUTA conformity bill–see below) under the current Idaho … Continue Reading