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BREAKING NEWS: PA Gives Remote Sellers a 6-Month Reprieve on Nexus Registration

Late last Friday, January 27th, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue announced a 6-month reprieve for remote sellers required to register with the Commonwealth to collect and remit sales tax for purchases made by Pennsylvania residents.  Citing pushback from remote sellers and in particular, issues with getting tax collection software online in order to turn on … Continue Reading

Click Here for Nexus? Pennsylvania’s “New” Affiliate Nexus Guidance

On December 1, 2011, the Department of Revenue issued Sales and Use Tax Bulletin 2011-01 to remind remote sellers of their sales tax collection obligations.  For a link to the Bulletin, please visit This Bulletin makes it clear that going forward, the Department’s policy will be to apply Pennsylvania’s sales and use tax statute1 to remote sellers … Continue Reading

Pennsylvania… Amazon Stops Here!

While it’s certainly not the first state to consider affiliate nexus legislation (since 2009, several states including: Colorado, Illinois, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Arkansas, New York, Connecticut, and California, have passed affiliate nexus—or “click-through”—laws), a bill was recently introduced in the Pennsylvania legislature that, if passed, would greatly expand the definition of nexus for sales … Continue Reading

Pennsylvania Opens A New Can… of Refunds for Past Software Purchases

Last year, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court held that purchases of licenses to use canned computer software, however delivered, are subject to sales tax. While this decision may have shut the lid on tax-free software in Pennsylvania, the Court’s reasoning actually creates a unique sales tax refund for some software purchases—especially electronically delivered canned software programs. … Continue Reading